If there is a beach in Hawaii with olive green colored sand, then in Italy, exactly 10 kilometers from Porto Conte bay there is a unique beach that has sand orange. Absolutely, named Porto Ferro beach has sand with unique colors, shades of reddish brown to bright orange

Sometimes there is a mention of this beach is red. But if the note again the actual beach sand has a reddish-orange color. This beach according to Budget Travel site located in the northern part of the island of Sardinia, Italy. Porto Ferro beach area which is actually orange-colored sand just a few miles away. Strange colored sand is apparently formed as a mixture of orange limestone native to that area, the crushed seashells, and volcanic material deposition.

The beach area is one of the best views in Sardinia. Usually tourists come there to dive, surf, or simply sunbathing. When the winter wind is blowing hard on shore, and therefore many tourists who had come there for wind surfing.

If you get bored with the beach, travelers can switch to the lake. Behind Porto Ferro beach there is a lake Lago Baratz, the only salt lake in Sardinia which has quite beautiful scenery.

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