Pool Depth of 40 Meters, Millepini Terme Hotel Posted September 23, 2014 | Tags:


Swimming is an activity that many travelers do every holiday. Whether swimming in the hotel pool or enjoy the warmth of the sun on the sea. However, what happens when you try to swim in this pool. This pool has a depth of up to 40 meters, is it still dare try it?

Pond located in Abano Terme, Italy, is a four star hotel facilities, Hotel Terme Millepini. Not just swimming, you can dive, scuba diving, aqua fitness, watsu, and several other activities for pregnant women. This pool is 21 meters x 18 meters has a temperature of 32 to 34 Celsius.

No doubt, despite being in a hotel, not a few travelers who want to try their courage to dive as deep as 40 meters in the artificial pond.

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