Be careful getting lost while walking in the halls green shrub is here. If wrong you could get lost. Because this park is a maze of the most complicated puzzle ever in the world. The labyrinth is in this place holds the record for the longest maze in the world. With random maze winding endless as far as 2.72 kilometers in an area of ​​more than 1.5 hectares, anyone can get stuck in there.

Longleat Hedge Maze located in the garden of a stately home in England, namely the Longleat. Reported Amusing Planet, the house was located adjacent to the Horningsham village and Warminster town in England. Amazing maze was designed and created in 1975, consists of 16,000 yews trees (fir) England.

8 feet tall plants labyrinth can make anyone confused with high green wall snaking across the garden. There is a lot that can be misleading stalemate visitors. If walking in the maze, the only way to avoid getting lost is up to one of six wooden bridges scattered across the park to observe the path of the labyrinth above. But lately many visitors who cheat the maze by using the GPS on their smartphones.

Visitors usually takes at least an hour to get out of this maze. If you’ve managed to overcome the pitfalls in this maze, visitors can relax in the purpose-built observation tower at the center while enjoying the beauty of the garden maze similar surreal paintings.

The management of this magnificent garden maze is not easy. It took six gardeners in charge of tending and trim the hedges there. Not infrequently, the new gardener who still get lost in the maze when asked to prune the plants.

Not only maze that is in the area of ​​the mansion. There were also a safari park with a collection of more than 500 exotic animals. But of course, Longleat Hedge Maze who became prime tourist spot in the area.

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