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Sorvagsvatn lake in Norway controversy surrounding residents. Uniquely, the lake is used as an optical illusion similar to the sea.

This large lake three times larger than the size of the second largest lake in the Faroe islands, Fajallavatn. The lake is located at an altitude of 252 meters and 376 meters left side on the right

When viewed from afar, the lake seemed tilted toward the sea. But only visible fall in the small waterfall. The optical illusion created the impression that the reservoir is located hundreds of
meters above sea level.

In fact, different altitude lakes and the sea is only about 30 meters. However, changes in the steepness of the curve of the hills around the lake seemed impossible.

Kerancauan lakes not only comes from its shape, but also naming the lake. Residents around proud with their natural condition as Lake Sorvagsvatn.

While residents of some cities closest prefer to call Leitisvatn lake because the lake have children waters spread their cities.

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