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Stay at a hotel with luxurious amenities familiar to you. And what about the hotel this one?

Like being in a fairy tale, this hotel arouse the interest of tourists coming into it. Because, this luxury hotel looks like and resembles a princess’s palace.

The Castle Hotel is part of The Luxury Collection regulated parties Starwood Hotels & Resorts, including some of the other hotels and resorts, The Griti Palace, Prince de Galles in Paris, and the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Interestingly, a luxury hotel like castle palace is located on a mountain top Wanxia, offering panoramic sea Xinghai natural beauty and the Yellow Sea.

Existing facilities in the hotel room a spa with an area of ​​two thousand square meters that provide panoramic beauty of nature. In addition, there is also an indoor swimming pool, as well as several suites and presidential suites.

The design of the hotel’s decor is luxurious because it is built of stone pillars magnificent. The floor is made of polished marble. Travelers are pampered a room called The Lobby Lounge where they unwind while enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon.


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