Pasola, peak indigenous celebrations in West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara will be held on Sunday (29/02/2016). The centuries-old tradition will take place in the District Wanokaka, which is a series of the most complete and largest in West Sumba.

“Pasola in Wanokaka already set the date of February 29. Wanokaka is the most complete and largest circuit in West Sumba later,” said Anisa Omar, Secretary of Culture and Tourism of West Sumba.

The tradition of this peak will be filled with thousands of people precisely in grassland or savanna Lahigalang. There will be dozens of youths from 10 hamlets / paraingu that collided dexterity to control the horse and spear to spear his opponent with a blunt instrument.


Departement of  culture and tourism in West Sumba predict will be more crowded than in previous years. As in some of the locations that have been held Pasola first, namely Lamboya and Gaura in early February 2016.

“Predictions will memramaikan over 2,000 people. Courses were usually full even many who cannot watch. They have stayed the majority of the previous day, as well as many custom circuits before,” said Anisa.

Anisa explained, since two weeks ago Wanokaka and surrounding communities do custom circuit including taboos that Pasola running smoothly. As forbidden to build houses, to party, to play.

This determination is done in less than one week before Pasola, by looking at the signs of nature that appear as the brightest moon, and some other plants are starting to grow.

“If you miss the little nyale or sea worms on the beach did not come out, consequently Pasola are not perfect, and the next harvest is predicted to be bad,” he said.

So since the discovery of the exact date that is, began to be implemented traditional ceremonies are sacred.

Two nights before the implementation of traditional boxing held between young people from the village who use gloves straw. Then in the afternoon, betel and areca fruit into indigenous fruit harvested together and in unison.

Weapons of indigenous heritage were not forgotten bathed one day before Pasola. Furthermore pilgrimage while looking at the moon megalik altar and the sacred grave stones that decorate every hamlet heart of the village as well.

“Tourists usually start crowded at the time Nyale smell or making worm Nyale in the morning. Since 0600 the beach is full of tourists,” said Anisa.


Nyale are marine worms that come out once a year, and symbolize fertility for society Merapu faiths. Yields one year to the next would be predicted from the amount obtained nyale and blood dripping in Pasola.

Anisa add a vulnerable time very close to the implementation date of the determination of the execution itself, makes it difficult for the foreign tourists come.

“Since the commencement impromptu, so it is difficult for foreign tourists come to the agenda here. In fact, many tour agent who likes to ask the date. But it is agreed upon by custom, so it can not take precedence,” he said.

Alluding to target tourists, according to Anisa, it is not too hopeful of foreign tourists. But domestic tourists are targeted more than 2,000 people.

Likewise, when asked about hotels are already booked rating if still available, Anisa has not been able to confirm.

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