Fishing Excitement on the Twig Posted September 3, 2014 | Tags: ,


Generally, fishing is usually done on a coral sea cliffs while sitting. But what would happen if fishing with a traveler sitting on the blade of a tree branch in the middle of the sea?

For the fishing enthusiast, must try unique fishing techniques such as in Sri Lanka. The fishermen fishing off the coast of India with a technique dubbed Petta, as reported by Amusing Planet, Tuesday (09/02/2014)

They accidentally plugging rods tied tree branches forming a vertical pole and they seemed to be engrossed in fishing.

It is said that the tradition was carried out during World War II, when food shortages and crowded fishing spot. The fishermen were creative creating this technique is fairly dangerous.

Unfortunately, the longer the fish catches obtained unfriendly. They just only got mackerel or herring fish.

Petta practice did not last long. Finally locals utilize the site as a tourist attraction. Some fishermen kindly guide tourists for fishing in the upper branches.

Quite often some photographers also compete to take best picture, at noon or dusk. Exciting is not it?

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